• Majestic Arms Mark IV Magazine Ejector ( Aluminum )

The ~~new~~ Ruger Mark IV pistols come equipped with a magazine ejector, semi-hidden under the right side grip panel. The magazine ejector is an "ejection molded plastic" part. Some feel that plastic is not the best of material to withstand the multitude of ejections and insertions that's done during magazine changes, and sooner than later, that plastic part will wear out. We have already found that quite a few of the plastic factory magazine ejectors are poorly shaped enough, whereby they won't allow magazines to positively click into a firm lock-up in the grip frame. During the shooting process magazines have been known to drop out of the grip frame after only two or three fired rounds. After testing this much better made magazine ejector, we have not had one magazine drop out during firing because the magazine latch grabs the magazine much more firmly. So, ignore some of the false "hype" that amateurs and hobbyists proclaim on dishonest web forums. A true fix for dropped magazines is this much  more positive, well made replacement.

Majestic Arms is now producing a magazine ejector CNC machined from aluminum and then black anodized for additional hardness and wear prevention.

These magazine ejectors are not provided with an ejector plunger and spring, so you will need to use the parts from your factory plastic ejector in this replacement part.

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Majestic Arms Mark IV Magazine Ejector ( Aluminum )

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