• 10/22 Firing Pin Stop Pin (Improved)

This is an improved Ruger 10/22 ® firing pin stop pin. The original (factory) firing pin stop pins have an open slot along one side of the pin. If that pin is positioned incorrectly, that slot could collapse and allow the firing pin to move forward farther ahead from the hammer hit. This condition may cause the hard firing pin to place a "ding" in the chamber mouth of a very expensive, aftermarket, replacement barrel. For the cost of one of these "completely coiled" firing pin stop pins, it's not worth the chance. This replacement firing pin stop pin does not have a slot along any portion of the outside diameter that could collapse. Replace the firing pin stop pin in your Ruger factory bolt with a better functioning firing pin stop pin. 

NOTE:      Do not order these through the Sarona Gun Works store. Shipping is included in the $3.00 per part price. Send payment for how many of these pins you want to order, directly to:


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10/22 Firing Pin Stop Pin (Improved)

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